Mind blowing gadgets

Yesterday I went with my wife shopping. She went after woman stuff ( cloth, food, cosmetics etc.) And I went to touch and feel gadgets. I am doing this becouse at the end of the month it’s black friday and I wanted to have a good feel of the stuff I wanna buy.
The bad:
On black friday, usualy you get last season or absoleete gear at good prices becouse the sellers just want to empty their stock. That means you wont have the latest gadget.
The god:
Becouse the sellers get rid of the leftovers… they can aford incredible price drops. I’ve seen price drops up to 90%. Wich is incredible for a piece of hardware wich you’ll own the next 18 months ( the general life cycle of today’s gadgets).
The ugly:
Yeah.. ther’s an ugly part to this to. The gadget you buy on sales is going to be 1 generation older, a bit slower, a bit uglyer.
Concydeeing all that I went hunting for my gadget.
Target: sonething ligth, fast with low price devaluing. Something that will still be around and work with the future updates.. for the next couple of years.
Since Samsung just revealed the Note 3.. you imagine I went playing with the Note2 .. actualy I played with both of them. Althow you can clearly see note 3 is nicer, biger, stronger than note 2 you can’t really see big speed improvements on varous games and apps. Actualy both of them work flawlesly. Great design, great screens, great specs. You can clearly see note 2 is doing it’s job incredibly well.
Another thing that i’ve played with: samsung s3 vs s4 vs s2+.
This is something different. I don’t concider myself a big mobile player. I’m barely a simple user. I read news, varous web pages, I write sometimes posts on my blog using wordpress app. Read/write emails. And that’s all. You may be dussapointed i’m not playing any games. Well… I am fughting sometimes wuth my wife over lives in Candy Crush but… that’s not a heavy game.. it works on most androids.. no 3d engine needed and not much processing power.
So, concidering all that I won’t test the phones in any games… becouse I simply don’t need an expensive phone for that.
Untill not long ago I was in a one year stage using a phone wich only did it’s basic function.. that is .. giving and reciving phone calls. You can imagine I have some isues;)
Back to Samsung phones.
About s4: what can I say.. I love it. Slick, thin, powerfull, and useful. But again.. to expensive.. to powerful fir my needs.
About s3:
The price camed down a bit since the arival of s4. I love this design to, but it’s kind of girly. Can’t explain why.. that’s how it felt in my hands. About specs.. incredible little pice of hardware. Fast, reliable, nice screen, nice size. I hate the glosy back cape. But.. omg what a machine. I love it. It exeedes my basic needs 10 times. Concidering his price, my needs… I still want to have a look at this s2+.
About s2+:
Smaller screen, smaller resolution althow a less powerful processor it still have enough power to play my favourite apps, my candy crush and favourite browser. It’s a good phone and has a good value/quality raport.
Other gadgets that I had in my hands where samsung galsxy tab2 .. what can I say… I love it!!!
I’ll make a full review someday about it.
A surprisingly nice and usefull gadget: Alview city+. A small 7 inch tablet. Incredibly powerfull, incredibly cute & slim all that for a bargain price(retail). If you never had a tablet I recommend this little gadget. For less than 100 euro, you get this little machine. Fast, thin, 3d engine, quadcore arm processor, 1gb ram, good camera. I could have missed ir if my wife didn’t come around and asked me what’s that.. why can I have a cheaper tablet that that samsung tab2 or the ipad4. I smiled like aa superior moron.. and while trying to explain her why that tablet is inferior and small I was thinkig she had a point. If I only use that gadget on travel,reading emails, writing sime blog posts.. and playing CC .. that little thing is actualy incredible.
After my 2 hours play on gadgetland I realised i’m not very productive and not the biggest gamer.. and not even a great reviewer. I realused that my dream gadget is only a marketing need. I am a simple user with simple needs. I only want the latest gadget only becouse is the latest, the bigest, the fastest… but not becouse I really need it.
On this black friday i’ll try to stay away from the market. I’ll try to buy only what I really need and onlg at a bargain price… after all my old phone and my older tablet are still eorking and still doing their task flawlesly… why change them? Or … why not??


Gadgets suited for travel

More than 7 years ago I was traveling freqwently around 1000 km a weekend, by train or bus. Back then… I was happy ro carry on my journey an mp3 player with 512 mb. So… how did the travel gadget upgaded? What are today’s options? What can you carry around with you. How do we keep ourselfs unbored on 5-8 hours of traveling?

Well .. back then I was looking to encode my mp3s on lower quality to squise more songs into that device. Today.. yoy can carry 8-16 gb of stuff(music, movies, bideo tutorials, games..etc) on a 20$ usb srick. Do the ‘space’ problem is kindof solved.
Starting with thowse acer eeepc, from 5 years ago a new revolution on mobile devices started. The need of mobility and diversty and neef of choice… led to the revolutionary ipad and other tablets.
After ipad was brought to us by apple the world changed.
A new kind of device was brought to us… the tablet. All thew I lime Ipads.. I must say I love android tablets much more. Can’t say why. Maybe becouse the mini ipad was a nono in the Jobs era.. and I concider a 7-8 inch tablet the ideeal gadget screen. Also
, probably becouse my first tablet was an android.
Iphones where a great device…but can’t really compete with the samsung note 3 … they really are in different leaques.
Android and more specificly Samsung’s devices have becomed my favourite device for traveling.
Ultrabooks are the latest mobile wave. They perfom inceedibly… they are incredibly powerfull and slim and beautifull. This category was also invented by Apple.. when they introduced to us the unbeliveble mackbook air. That was again a revolution. 3 pounds and wwith the power of a desktop. Unbeatable.
Right now i’m writing this article from my android phone. Sounds like Syfy.. if i’m concidering 8 years ago technology. Can you imagine this little device has the power of a pc( 10 years ago).
I was reading this morning about Microsoft lounching windows 8.1 on Bucharest… and I remember this words: ‘ PC time is OVeR is a stupid mistake’ the guys there where argueing that pc is not dead. It’s true… it’s not dead
.. but it’s not advancing with the pace of the other devices. The problem with the pc is that os becoming a monster… compared with the new … mobile devices.
Today you can read anything, write on blogs, work on your spreed sheets, edit your photos, play milllions of games from that little device in your hand. The simplycity of user experience is making the pc absolite. Yes pc is not dead, you still need it to do proffesional work. But… just as. A simple user you don’t need anything so big, so powerfull or so rigid.

I am using my little device on writing this article. 5-8 years ago I woyld have used pen and paper to write any ideeas I got while traveling. Time is money.. and todays gadgets … help us using time more efficiently.
Now I will push publish on this article and after that I will start reading some emails, surfing some sites and maybe play some games… all while listening to my preferate music.. all with the help of my 200 grams android phone. We’ve made Star trek.. reality in some cases
… what’s next? Teleportation?

Asus Zenbook UX301

Time has passed fast and we’ve just reached the third generation
of ultrabooks. ASUS came from Zenbook series that began with
Amazed by design approach, metal and hardware specifications
ok enough attention in addition to the technology behind
display sites.
I remember the excitement I read thereviews of the ASUS Zenbook
UX21 and UX31. Second on my 13.3 inch’ve found the best
ultrabook compared to competition in 2012. Second generation Zenbook
I had the opportunity to do a hands-on, but they did not come and Review.
ASUS Zenbook UX301 is an ultrabook with lid
protected by glass Gorilla Glass. Hmmm. I suppose you remember
ultrabook another in competition tests on summer. ASUS
UX301 is a premium ultrabook that wants to provide experience
top, without any compromise in design, functionality etc..
ASUS was a week in review of the ASUS Memo Pad 8 is added
and this premium ultrabook. Let’s review that are specified
ASUS’s Zenbook UX301:
Ultrabook ASUS Zenbook UX301
13.3 LED backlight IPS display
inch resolution
2560 × 1440 pixels
Intel Core i7-4558U
The dual-core Haswell
climbs to 2.8 GHz
Maximum 3.3 GHz
Memory 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz,
256 GB SSD
Intel Graphics Iris 5100
8 Windows operating system, but it can
makes the transition to
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Stereo sound technology Bang
and Olufesn ICEpower
Connectivity Wi-Fi a / b / g / n network
10/100/1000 Mbps,
Bluetooth 4.0, 2 x USB 3.0,
miniDisplayPort, jack
3.5mm combo reader
SD cards, MMC
Photo & video webcam that records
Li-Polymer Battery Technology
six-cell, 4560 mAh / 50
Weight 1.2 kg 1.42 kg
Thickness 15.5 mm
Attention to detail is visible from the packaging ASUS has put
the Zenbook UX301. Comes in a black box with a fine texture. To
give the ultrabook interior cloth to wipe the glass on the back
His and 13.3-inch display, small wheel habitual
the Zenbook series, RJ-45 adapter and VGA adapter, pouch
protection of the skin.
When you put in the pouch that hardly anyone realize that the inside
There is a laptop. Most think that will remove some papers or
papers there and in any case a portable. That reminded me
Steve Jobs presentation of the MacBook Air to impress
first assistant pulled out an envelope. The ASUS Zenbook
UX301 would slip smoothly into a A4 envelope.
On his back you can not not notice Corning Gorilla Glass bottle 3
that protects the display. Do not give the impression that they would scratch too easily and
is easy to remove. Collect fingerprints and dust pretty quickly. UX301
received to review was blue, but dark blue that
lead more towards black. From certain angles you said it was black,
from others seem a dark blue. Take photos of the end for the
conclusions you draw better than me.
It is a premium ultrabook and that transmits clearly. There’s nothing to
reproach in terms of quality of construction, attention to detail, 1.42 kg
for all portable 13.3-inch display, 16 mm thick.
Sony laptops exceed these limits with her, but it gives the impression of
stiffness and strength that comes bundled with an ASUS UX301.
Display and sound
I always wanted to see and portable displays crossing to the
FHD resolution, as happened to phones and tablets that quickly
went from 480 × 800-1280 × 720 and from there to 1920 × 1080 pixels.
ASUS UX301 is one of the few that includes an ultrabook
LED backlit IPS panel 13.3-inch 2560 × 1440 pixels resolution. I
Another aspect overlooked. When you’re in Modern UI interface is not
no problem, but in Desktop Mode font data within and
if I’d wanted a font in Windows 8 ultra xxl.
It is an excellent display for gaming, has touch control, angle
The general view does not reflect the surrounding space in a disturbing manner.
1080p movies seen in a big way. I can say that ASUS UX301
has the best display I’ve had the chance to see him at work
an ultrabook, the best screen you are currently in
Sound benefit Bang and Olufsen ICEpower technology and speakers
Built-in are arranged in a slot on the side, on the left side and
right. And do not distort at full volume at all, enough
bass given the ultrabook’s thin profile. 3.5 jack
mm technology goes combo type 2-in-1 and find it sideways
left. And hence you get a pleasant sound, well optimized. ASUS has
expertise to deliver top acoustic.
Hardware, operating system and
There are several elements that define the ASUS UX301: Intel
Haswell portable next-generation dual-core 2.8
GHz with Turbo Boost goes up to 3.3 GHz, Intel Integrated Graphics Iris
5100, 8GB 1600 MHz RAM and 256 GB SSD. On PCfun to
£ 9,000 is listed with an ASUS UX301 storage type
2 x 256 GB SSD. Anyway, more details found in Chapter
And what does the new hardware from the previous generation?
Delivers higher performance and autonomy in the context of
increases according to the preset mode of operation and what activities are
carried out ultrabook. I do not know whether to repeat, but
excellent move by Modern UI or GUI Desktop Mode,
in high speed browsing, office documents, photo and video editing at a
level more complex than ultrabooks of the first and second
generation. Iris Graphics card Intel 5100 delivers up to two times by
better performance than integrated graphics series
Intel Ivy Bridge processors earlier.
Go and graphical games with higher requirements, but do not expect ASUS
UX301 to be a portable gaming or photo editing and video
high definition. It is not designed for that. It is an ultrabook with
good performance for its category to deliver focused on autonomy,
Office, browsing, Windows 8 with Modern UI, all in a body of highly
compact, lightweight class rather reminiscent
Tablet than that of the laptop. The first tablets were around 7
– 800 gr and up to 1.2 kg’s the ASUS Zenbook UX301 is
big difference, especially since we are talking of a diagonal ultrabook
13.3-inch screen.
Windows 8 64-bit and can make the transition to the free
Windows 8.1. Microsoft has listened to the feedback received world wide and
apply some changes in Windows 8.1, start button lies at
her, but not with the same functions but shows you all the applications installed on
device search function becomes more integrated and Bing Search knows
to search both the ultrabook files as well as those from the
Modern UI interface finds its place in the attached keyboard UX301
and touchpad can be controlled via touch display.
Quick Reply orders and speed adds some tasks.
While you get to use the keyboard & touchpad increasingly rare. Not
is designed for entertainment niche, but it pays well UX301
any task in this field. 13.3 inch display with resolution
2560 × 1440 pixels and improved hardware turns it into a small
multimedia center, due to the long drive.
And some benchmark tests:
Ultrabook ASUS Zenbook UX301
2.0 BrowserMark 3436 points
HTML5test Chrome
Windows 8
463 points
HD Tune 2.55 749.1 MB / sec
CrystalDiskMark More Details
3DMark Basic Edition –
Notes from Windows
Experience Index
Windows 8 with the scale of
Processor – 7.2, Memory
– 7.7, Graphics –
5.7, Gaming Graphics –
6.7, SSD – 8.4.
Integrates Wi-Fi standards a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0. In the case given by
two adapters: USB 2.0 – RJ-45 and miniDisplayPort – VGA. The lateral
left give the charger connector, USB 3.0, microHDMI, jack
3.5 mm combo. On the right side are positioned minidisplay
Port, and USB 3.0 card reader.
To connect via HDMI you need an adapter purchased
separately for VGA already have such a small gadget package. It
Add the 2 x USB 3.0. You can not ask to have HDMI connectors and
Full VGA, but to preserve and 1.2 kg, thickness of 16 mm.
Keyboard and touchpad
Keyboard lighted keys clearly defined, generously sized. I
adapted quickly and I did not feel the need for adaptation to the
write faster. Seemed resistant keyboard and use
long and the lights behind the buttons do not bother vision.
Race is low key, just as I like, silent.
The touchpad is large, precise, click areas are easily accessible
no beeps characteristic that the use of long-term high
mind become stressful. Not the case here.
Li-Polymer battery with six-cell, 4560 mAh. Architecture Intel Haswell
its mark in this regard. I would not necessarily say that amazes by
performances that bring the previous generation but by
autonomy. ASUS UX301 is the first ultrabook which leads to a day of
use as autonomy, more light and no games in excess
screen brightness set below and an economical way
battery consumption.
PCfun – 9570 lei in the configuration tested, but storage space
like 2 x 256 GB SSD.
ASUS UX301 is a premium ultrabook deserve their status and
positioned as the best device in its segment. There is
can blame anything except price. It is a product of
but one exclusive table and selling prices falling between
less than £ 5,000 and approx. £ 10,000 makes it prohibitive for
Many of Romanian.
– Excellent display with wide viewing angle, resolution 2560 × 1440
– Well-balanced design, Corning Gorilla Glass back effect 3, 1.42
kg and 15.5 mm thick;
– Powerful hardware with Intel Haswell noticeable performance increase
the previous generation;
– Sound pleasant enough bass for a laptop than 15.5 mm
– Autonomy which resets the industry standards.
– Glass lid collects fingerprints quite quickly;
– Price.
The final grade
9.28 out of 10 and one of the best marks obtained by a
device tested in 2013. Price is the one who pulls him down, but technology
Top always has its costs and, initially, is not available
broad range of interested users.
Ultrabook ASUS UX301
Design 10
9.5 Display and sound
Hardware system
operation and
8.5 Connectivity
Keyboard and touchpad 10
Autonomy 10
Price 7.5
The final mark 9.28
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Emil Dragotă
Co-Founder GADGET.ro; Passionate about technology
furniture, write reviews for mobile phones,
tablets, portable video cameras & different
gadgets etc. I like civilized discussion based on
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Apple iPhone vs Google’s android devices

I am a fan of the iPhone Apple and beyond. I think I managed to understand it and not just the concept Apple iPhone. I previously used Nokia, Sony, HTC and finally iPhone and other Apple products. We tested (admit not much) Android, including S3, HTC One – I can not say that impressed me so much that I say that the iPhone is “ancient and modest.” They have found that the iPhone is easier to use (really, this is where the power and habit) and me that impressed me when I started with the iPhone – ease of use, for example try and timed to see how long it takes to configure an email account (Yahoo – that is neither Apple nor Gmail) on an iPhone versus other phone. Later I discovered the other products Apple – iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad. So I was able to understand what Apple actually gives you, not just an iPhone. Who will test several Apple products will never be able to understand what Apple offers, shall be limited to the iPhone after all revolutionized the phone market. Of course there is competition and it is normal to have, but unfortunately competition has not released a little something innovative or innovative. He copied many things which in some cases has improved. True that Apple has given misfiring, for example I do not got my iPhone than iPhone 4 came along because I was not happy with the radio on your phone, or the maps that had more success than failure. There are many who speak the iPhone without knowing what they are talking about (maybe it’s frustration). There are also people who have iPhone but may have failed to understand what really gives you that Apple’s iPhone and switched to another platform – usually Android. I can agree that technology comes with enhanced products, hottest resource as is S4. But to say that the iPhone is breathed is distance and I really do not know what it’s talking or speaking evil. It’s true that Apple limits you to a certain extent their products, but use their products do not really need anything else. To understand, you must change your thinking entrenched in Windows, the program broken and “free”. I am not been easy for a month and I thought it was Mac out the window of the office. But I gradually learn more and more of what Apple offers for example an operating system Mac OS cost about 35 euros and install it on computers you cite, as an office suite from Apple cost 45 Euros and as it how many computers you can install (this applies to any software). Another example would be that my iPhone cracked screen, without them doing anything I sent to people at Vodafone, they sent me a new one, we returned to the SIM card, I entered username and password and the new iPhone had everything (contacts, ringtones, applications, emails) as it was on the break, without doing anything extra (rescue contacts, copying applications, ringtones etc). In conclusion, the iPhone is just a very small part of what Apple offers in reality, but high impact. To truly understand what iPhone has to use other Apple products. Certainly when Apple did not give me what I currently offer or competition will provide at least as good and cheaper Apple will give up

More toughs on Apple products

Currently, the iPhone is a phone antique modest and boring. I had the iPhone 3GS model grade 10 +, which beats any other phone at the time. Never expect abut iPhone 4 for the next generation, but when I saw 4s I said “step”. Now I S3 and is a phone which does not find fault. Apple was lying on one ear and recent attitude who praise this page does not denote goods than bad taste. Apple should focus on their products than do mishto to the competition. The very fact that a competitor reacted immediately after the launch show desperation, and the iPhone 5S not bring anything special. If S3 was a revolution from S2, that S4 is true only majorora improvement compared to S3. But the phone is already mature. The abundance of software coupled with hardware resources make S4 one of the best smartphones of the moment. What is the best iPhone 5? With anything Apple … And I am ashamed that products made by a company lenesha. Read aberrations removed from Apple: “What makes a single iPhone? Perhaps it is that helps you do so many things. Maybe because it helps you do so many things in a way so easy. These are two reasons why iPhone users say they appreciate their iPhones. ” But you can not do much S4? Excuse me gentlemen from Apple but not going to lie. Currently, the top Android smartphone you ten times more than you can do with a bitter and banal iPhone 5. Android is not what it was 2 years ago … Open your eyes before you take it all downhill … The author of the excellent points: 1. Apple iphone is right that won eight awards for customer satisfaction. Normal as a survey on 9000 people in the market who want Apple products, iphone could not stand bad. Ask what they think about Android and iOS Asians Europeans. February. and S3 and S4 have LTE and Galaxy series from Samsung had long before LTE iPhone. Three. the most advanced operating system, who says that? iOS is the operating system trivial, is like comparing Solitaire with Crysis 3, Solitaire uns go without lag, is simple, elegant, minimal resource needs to run, etc … Crysis 3 has powerful resources needed to run, can be a little lag here and there, but the user experience is incomparable. “The most advanced operating system” – as it believes Apple ios – has enormous tumors, and wonder you are not ashamed to say so … April. Siri is a failure, advertised as a revolutionary (as usual), but is totally unworkable, unless you want to have fun like that, little … Apple forget that Android is Google Now, a service that is ten times more useful and powerful than ordinary Siri … May. Apple boasts Retina Display, but remember that S4 has higher pixel density display with Full HD resolution! Apple, wake up! Some reasons why iPhone 5 is a failure: – aluminum casing peeling paint – case not closed the joints, letting the light out under the hood (get to search YouTube “iPhone 5 light leakage”, without the quotes, and you scratching your head) – camera generates chromatic aberration type purple flare when photos are taken in the light of objective Apple says it is normal that the pictures come out purple (!) – Flickering chromatic aberration type on the keyboard (you can search on youtube Desperate ‘flickering keyboard iPhone 5 “and you scratching your head) – faulty connection to Wi-Fi networks – breach security that can access content even if the iPhone is locked. – Software defectuosm beneath criticism, Apple Maps was advertised as “the most advanced system ever created maps” How can I lie to you???? I’m tired of writing, but I could go a few more pages … Apple iPhone 5 is a fail … compared to S4 is light years behind. Your attack denotes fear and cowardice. Not so prove that your product is better, but only if you create a product really better than the S4, HTC or Sony Xperia Z.

WWDC 2013: Apple has new Mac Pro series products “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA”

Apple announced new products at WWDC 2013 Mac Pro. They are produced in the U.S. and Apple switched to Intel Xeon everything and the graphics power using AMD chips. Related news WWDC 2013: Apple brings out perhaps Intel Haswell, promises autonomy … WWDC 2013: Apple renews Mac OS X: Mac OS X tells Mavericks of the … LIVE WWDC 2013 has started! The new operating system Mac OS X is called M. .. Apple introduced at WWDC 2013 November classical computers known as Mac Pro. Phil Schiller may have been best expressed about the lack of innovation in the industry: “The hell that you can not innovate.” And so began to announce the news of Mac Pro. The new computer had a new design, black predominates using Intel Xeon E5 processors that can be configured up to 12 cores and graphics power will be on two AMD graphics cards. Not missing an HDMI port, two Thunderbolt ports, six, two Ethernet ports and four USB 3.0 ports. All storage is done now flash units without hard drives with mechanical and the Mac Pro can bring 4K TV signal. The new Mac Pro computers provided by Apple at WWDC 2013 is two times faster than previous ones, up to 7 puterede teraflops of computing. “Video editors, musicians, graphic designers will build further on the Mac Pro to do the job. [With these new models] did not want to do just a refreshment area for old models that everyone has” the said Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing director. The most interesting of these computers is that they will be delivered directly from the U.S.. As the company likes to say, “designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA”. Delivery will be sometime in the fall, there is still a price.

WWDC 2013: Apple renews Mac OS X: Mac OS X tells Mavericks, learned new tricks and has a better Safari

Apple introduced the new operating system for computers at WWDC 2013 event. It’s called Mac OS X Mavericks and equip it with two great options along with a better Safari browser. Related NEWS LIVE WWDC 2013 has started! The new operating system Mac OS X is called M. .. When you start WWDC 2013 Apple’s biggest event, and when it launched … WWDC 2013: What will change Apple iPhone interface after 6 years? ….. At WWDC 2013, Apple introduced the new operating system, called Mac OS X Mavericks. It comes first, with Tabs Finder. This means that from now can be managed easily open Finder windows. Then sort the following keywords – tagging. Basically, you can search for documents just knowing a particular keyword. Then get the Apple Mac OS X. Maps is an app still in development, but that does not mean it can not be used successfully on company computers. It must be said that the notification system has been improved. From email to calendar and messages. Also, Apple also proposes Keychain iCloud to store all your passwords in one place, that the company’s online storage service. LIVE WWDC 2013 has started! The new operating system Mac OS X is called Mavericks. Apple will also present seven As Apple iOS Maps on Mac OS X Mavericks, this app will sync with the iPhone you own. Basically, Google is already making Google Now and Android phones or tablets. Safari learn to better manage resources, overrides what is in the foreground. is a form of optimization that Apple also made its devices. You can also browse through the list of items saved, you read them later, and distribution of links in the sidebar will be better than before. Calendar application looks like that means Apple’s minimalist design. Idea is similar to that applied by Google. There are no real textures imitated in the digital environment. And today will have access to all Mac OS X developers Mavericks, the official release will be made only in autumn.