13 reasons NOT to buy in Ipad

There are so many reasons you should buy an Ipad, but we will not focus on that right now. This article is for thowse that don’t agree with the sentince “Ipad is the best”.

SO here are some reasons why you should stay away from Ipad:


1- Ipad it’s very expensive – for the same amount of money, you get a faster, more ram and more spaced Android device.

2- the iOS is not 100% compatible with your PC/MAC/Linux SO

3 – the iOS does not support widgets like android

4 – Andorid is cooler 😀

5 – Android has more apps

6 – Some people like windows8 >  Surface is way better for them

7 – bigger screen, also smaller screen on Android devices.

8 – Android devices are faster (it’s true nor all)

9 – Google maps !! (and all google apps) Apple maps are a joke.

10 – Android Beam – one of the best apps ever made

11 – Safari is cool, but let me tell you something about Google Chrome > IT KICKS ASS!!

12 – Some android tablets, like Kindle Fire have unique features, not found on Ipad

13 – Design. Ipad use to be the coolest device ever, but the new Android tablets are just unbelievable.

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