Small online business ideea

I spent houndreds of hours online looking for some smart business ideeas. The thing is… there are no such thing. Usualy the thing is right in your face .. but you are to lasy to do it. So.. what is the web next big thing? Whats the next youtube, twiter, facebook? Who knows. It’s definetly about men needs and your ability to meet that need. Big, universal needs are basicly covered.. so all you are left is.. niches… and microniches untouched by big players. How do you find a niche that has a unmert need? Simple… what is your hobby? What is the domain you know most about? Yes… you got it… that is your niche. So… what do you need in your domain of expertise? A specialised search engine? A small domain related business dyrectory? A fish tank wiki? Etc.. you got the ideea. Fo sometheing that you would use. Probably, by now you understand that i’m a web developer/ designer.. so what do I need in my field of work? I could use a psd bank with tons of small icons, arrows, web elements, css code, js scripts… etc. Shure.. there are already many sites like that but… you can make ir unike. Find that twist that the others are missing. Nothing is perfect… everything can be emprooved. Find your way!


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