Why Android is better or just different from the iPhone?

I will list some of the differences between Android and iOS, multiple keyboards, keyboard physical buttons, standard USB port, Freedom for applications, Emulators, alternate applications stores, can be used as a USB Storage Device – without installing any additional software, No need installing a certain software on your computer, the notification bar – is unique, FM radio, HDMI output, Tethering, Buttons “menu” and “back”
Everything is replaceable – from system applications (maybe I do not want music player or other e-mail application) to the homescreen (may want one with seven screens, not just four – or, conversely, want a screen clean and minimalistic, I do not need more than two), the launch system applications (apps may want to scroll in 3D, or want the bottom dock to have three “pages” Scroll). Or maybe I just because I can, as my Android phone look like an iPhone or Windows 7
I’m sure the list goes on, so I ask you to leave comments or even complaints additions that you may have.

Why install something to get something else? They look like the ones from Apple are a bit strict when it comes to their product and to take advantage of USB Storage you need a particular program (not necessarily from iTunes on each PC). Well, if you’re smart, you can copy any file in media folder, which opens just like a USB stick, to facilitate viewing photos and videos on your phone without additional software.

You say multiple keyboards? Let’s face it, a device like the iPhone, which has the best and reliable touchscreen in the world, more than 1 button would be a waste of space and material. I have never encountered any problems in communicating the Messenger client or to send SMS using the virtual keyboard of the phone. I can not say the same thing, however, about the HTC Sensation … which is a real hassle.

Speak of the notification bar? … Let’s be realistic, what eases your daily life that bar? The fact that all the applications on a terminal Android begin to communicate (or at least try) with network sync / update? And can not be controlled or pre-terminated to save the battery and traffic? The iPhone will not meet it. Do what I command you to do and only when you order them, not his head. There Springboard (yes, additional software – but just as someone talking in a thread that the iPhone can not be customized – to be honest) and believe me, you can do so much with it … ba if I put my mind can show emulation iPhones with Android on them … and even Windows 95 (PC Edition).

HDMI output? … Hmm … talk about iPhone 3GS, right? … That, to your surprise, and 4, and (obviously) 4S have HDMI output …. and I did try, believe me , do not compare … signal processing on the iPhone 4S with a SGS2.

Tethering? … Yes it can and tethering with additional software (again, the same damned customization … it Seems the iPhone really has it) …. Radio FM? … How often do you listen to FM radio you consider a drawback? The terminal storage space up to 8GB already talking entire music library …. and there internet radio – if you want a smartphone so you have to afford Internet and 3G tariff plan is useless otherwise maricel .

You can leave as many icons you want on the homescreen and iphone … there are themes that springboard and 3d scroll all (from 1 to 10 pages that can be carried). But the idea is? Let’s have all this built-in, and to keep you battery 8:00? C `mon, let’s be serious …. I have all the above mentioned and believe me, the whole two days … iPhone battery keeps me from my HTC Sensation expires in 7-8 hours unless you listened to it (all Talk about it … PS Name me you please play, music player more user-friendly than the one on iOS devices – or more potent in technically – not to mention the adjustable FFW / RW) .


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