WWDC 2013: Apple renews Mac OS X: Mac OS X tells Mavericks, learned new tricks and has a better Safari

Apple introduced the new operating system for computers at WWDC 2013 event. It’s called Mac OS X Mavericks and equip it with two great options along with a better Safari browser. Related NEWS LIVE WWDC 2013 has started! The new operating system Mac OS X is called M. .. When you start WWDC 2013 Apple’s biggest event, and when it launched … WWDC 2013: What will change Apple iPhone interface after 6 years? ….. At WWDC 2013, Apple introduced the new operating system, called Mac OS X Mavericks. It comes first, with Tabs Finder. This means that from now can be managed easily open Finder windows. Then sort the following keywords – tagging. Basically, you can search for documents just knowing a particular keyword. Then get the Apple Mac OS X. Maps is an app still in development, but that does not mean it can not be used successfully on company computers. It must be said that the notification system has been improved. From email to calendar and messages. Also, Apple also proposes Keychain iCloud to store all your passwords in one place, that the company’s online storage service. LIVE WWDC 2013 has started! The new operating system Mac OS X is called Mavericks. Apple will also present seven As Apple iOS Maps on Mac OS X Mavericks, this app will sync with the iPhone you own. Basically, Google is already making Google Now and Android phones or tablets. Safari learn to better manage resources, overrides what is in the foreground. is a form of optimization that Apple also made its devices. You can also browse through the list of items saved, you read them later, and distribution of links in the sidebar will be better than before. Calendar application looks like that means Apple’s minimalist design. Idea is similar to that applied by Google. There are no real textures imitated in the digital environment. And today will have access to all Mac OS X developers Mavericks, the official release will be made only in autumn.


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