More toughs on Apple products

Currently, the iPhone is a phone antique modest and boring. I had the iPhone 3GS model grade 10 +, which beats any other phone at the time. Never expect abut iPhone 4 for the next generation, but when I saw 4s I said “step”. Now I S3 and is a phone which does not find fault. Apple was lying on one ear and recent attitude who praise this page does not denote goods than bad taste. Apple should focus on their products than do mishto to the competition. The very fact that a competitor reacted immediately after the launch show desperation, and the iPhone 5S not bring anything special. If S3 was a revolution from S2, that S4 is true only majorora improvement compared to S3. But the phone is already mature. The abundance of software coupled with hardware resources make S4 one of the best smartphones of the moment. What is the best iPhone 5? With anything Apple … And I am ashamed that products made by a company lenesha. Read aberrations removed from Apple: “What makes a single iPhone? Perhaps it is that helps you do so many things. Maybe because it helps you do so many things in a way so easy. These are two reasons why iPhone users say they appreciate their iPhones. ” But you can not do much S4? Excuse me gentlemen from Apple but not going to lie. Currently, the top Android smartphone you ten times more than you can do with a bitter and banal iPhone 5. Android is not what it was 2 years ago … Open your eyes before you take it all downhill … The author of the excellent points: 1. Apple iphone is right that won eight awards for customer satisfaction. Normal as a survey on 9000 people in the market who want Apple products, iphone could not stand bad. Ask what they think about Android and iOS Asians Europeans. February. and S3 and S4 have LTE and Galaxy series from Samsung had long before LTE iPhone. Three. the most advanced operating system, who says that? iOS is the operating system trivial, is like comparing Solitaire with Crysis 3, Solitaire uns go without lag, is simple, elegant, minimal resource needs to run, etc … Crysis 3 has powerful resources needed to run, can be a little lag here and there, but the user experience is incomparable. “The most advanced operating system” – as it believes Apple ios – has enormous tumors, and wonder you are not ashamed to say so … April. Siri is a failure, advertised as a revolutionary (as usual), but is totally unworkable, unless you want to have fun like that, little … Apple forget that Android is Google Now, a service that is ten times more useful and powerful than ordinary Siri … May. Apple boasts Retina Display, but remember that S4 has higher pixel density display with Full HD resolution! Apple, wake up! Some reasons why iPhone 5 is a failure: – aluminum casing peeling paint – case not closed the joints, letting the light out under the hood (get to search YouTube “iPhone 5 light leakage”, without the quotes, and you scratching your head) – camera generates chromatic aberration type purple flare when photos are taken in the light of objective Apple says it is normal that the pictures come out purple (!) – Flickering chromatic aberration type on the keyboard (you can search on youtube Desperate ‘flickering keyboard iPhone 5 “and you scratching your head) – faulty connection to Wi-Fi networks – breach security that can access content even if the iPhone is locked. – Software defectuosm beneath criticism, Apple Maps was advertised as “the most advanced system ever created maps” How can I lie to you???? I’m tired of writing, but I could go a few more pages … Apple iPhone 5 is a fail … compared to S4 is light years behind. Your attack denotes fear and cowardice. Not so prove that your product is better, but only if you create a product really better than the S4, HTC or Sony Xperia Z.


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