Apple iPhone vs Google’s android devices

I am a fan of the iPhone Apple and beyond. I think I managed to understand it and not just the concept Apple iPhone. I previously used Nokia, Sony, HTC and finally iPhone and other Apple products. We tested (admit not much) Android, including S3, HTC One – I can not say that impressed me so much that I say that the iPhone is “ancient and modest.” They have found that the iPhone is easier to use (really, this is where the power and habit) and me that impressed me when I started with the iPhone – ease of use, for example try and timed to see how long it takes to configure an email account (Yahoo – that is neither Apple nor Gmail) on an iPhone versus other phone. Later I discovered the other products Apple – iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad. So I was able to understand what Apple actually gives you, not just an iPhone. Who will test several Apple products will never be able to understand what Apple offers, shall be limited to the iPhone after all revolutionized the phone market. Of course there is competition and it is normal to have, but unfortunately competition has not released a little something innovative or innovative. He copied many things which in some cases has improved. True that Apple has given misfiring, for example I do not got my iPhone than iPhone 4 came along because I was not happy with the radio on your phone, or the maps that had more success than failure. There are many who speak the iPhone without knowing what they are talking about (maybe it’s frustration). There are also people who have iPhone but may have failed to understand what really gives you that Apple’s iPhone and switched to another platform – usually Android. I can agree that technology comes with enhanced products, hottest resource as is S4. But to say that the iPhone is breathed is distance and I really do not know what it’s talking or speaking evil. It’s true that Apple limits you to a certain extent their products, but use their products do not really need anything else. To understand, you must change your thinking entrenched in Windows, the program broken and “free”. I am not been easy for a month and I thought it was Mac out the window of the office. But I gradually learn more and more of what Apple offers for example an operating system Mac OS cost about 35 euros and install it on computers you cite, as an office suite from Apple cost 45 Euros and as it how many computers you can install (this applies to any software). Another example would be that my iPhone cracked screen, without them doing anything I sent to people at Vodafone, they sent me a new one, we returned to the SIM card, I entered username and password and the new iPhone had everything (contacts, ringtones, applications, emails) as it was on the break, without doing anything extra (rescue contacts, copying applications, ringtones etc). In conclusion, the iPhone is just a very small part of what Apple offers in reality, but high impact. To truly understand what iPhone has to use other Apple products. Certainly when Apple did not give me what I currently offer or competition will provide at least as good and cheaper Apple will give up


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