Gadgets suited for travel

More than 7 years ago I was traveling freqwently around 1000 km a weekend, by train or bus. Back then… I was happy ro carry on my journey an mp3 player with 512 mb. So… how did the travel gadget upgaded? What are today’s options? What can you carry around with you. How do we keep ourselfs unbored on 5-8 hours of traveling?

Well .. back then I was looking to encode my mp3s on lower quality to squise more songs into that device. Today.. yoy can carry 8-16 gb of stuff(music, movies, bideo tutorials, games..etc) on a 20$ usb srick. Do the ‘space’ problem is kindof solved.
Starting with thowse acer eeepc, from 5 years ago a new revolution on mobile devices started. The need of mobility and diversty and neef of choice… led to the revolutionary ipad and other tablets.
After ipad was brought to us by apple the world changed.
A new kind of device was brought to us… the tablet. All thew I lime Ipads.. I must say I love android tablets much more. Can’t say why. Maybe becouse the mini ipad was a nono in the Jobs era.. and I concider a 7-8 inch tablet the ideeal gadget screen. Also
, probably becouse my first tablet was an android.
Iphones where a great device…but can’t really compete with the samsung note 3 … they really are in different leaques.
Android and more specificly Samsung’s devices have becomed my favourite device for traveling.
Ultrabooks are the latest mobile wave. They perfom inceedibly… they are incredibly powerfull and slim and beautifull. This category was also invented by Apple.. when they introduced to us the unbeliveble mackbook air. That was again a revolution. 3 pounds and wwith the power of a desktop. Unbeatable.
Right now i’m writing this article from my android phone. Sounds like Syfy.. if i’m concidering 8 years ago technology. Can you imagine this little device has the power of a pc( 10 years ago).
I was reading this morning about Microsoft lounching windows 8.1 on Bucharest… and I remember this words: ‘ PC time is OVeR is a stupid mistake’ the guys there where argueing that pc is not dead. It’s true… it’s not dead
.. but it’s not advancing with the pace of the other devices. The problem with the pc is that os becoming a monster… compared with the new … mobile devices.
Today you can read anything, write on blogs, work on your spreed sheets, edit your photos, play milllions of games from that little device in your hand. The simplycity of user experience is making the pc absolite. Yes pc is not dead, you still need it to do proffesional work. But… just as. A simple user you don’t need anything so big, so powerfull or so rigid.

I am using my little device on writing this article. 5-8 years ago I woyld have used pen and paper to write any ideeas I got while traveling. Time is money.. and todays gadgets … help us using time more efficiently.
Now I will push publish on this article and after that I will start reading some emails, surfing some sites and maybe play some games… all while listening to my preferate music.. all with the help of my 200 grams android phone. We’ve made Star trek.. reality in some cases
… what’s next? Teleportation?


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