Mind blowing gadgets

Yesterday I went with my wife shopping. She went after woman stuff ( cloth, food, cosmetics etc.) And I went to touch and feel gadgets. I am doing this becouse at the end of the month it’s black friday and I wanted to have a good feel of the stuff I wanna buy.
The bad:
On black friday, usualy you get last season or absoleete gear at good prices becouse the sellers just want to empty their stock. That means you wont have the latest gadget.
The god:
Becouse the sellers get rid of the leftovers… they can aford incredible price drops. I’ve seen price drops up to 90%. Wich is incredible for a piece of hardware wich you’ll own the next 18 months ( the general life cycle of today’s gadgets).
The ugly:
Yeah.. ther’s an ugly part to this to. The gadget you buy on sales is going to be 1 generation older, a bit slower, a bit uglyer.
Concydeeing all that I went hunting for my gadget.
Target: sonething ligth, fast with low price devaluing. Something that will still be around and work with the future updates.. for the next couple of years.
Since Samsung just revealed the Note 3.. you imagine I went playing with the Note2 .. actualy I played with both of them. Althow you can clearly see note 3 is nicer, biger, stronger than note 2 you can’t really see big speed improvements on varous games and apps. Actualy both of them work flawlesly. Great design, great screens, great specs. You can clearly see note 2 is doing it’s job incredibly well.
Another thing that i’ve played with: samsung s3 vs s4 vs s2+.
This is something different. I don’t concider myself a big mobile player. I’m barely a simple user. I read news, varous web pages, I write sometimes posts on my blog using wordpress app. Read/write emails. And that’s all. You may be dussapointed i’m not playing any games. Well… I am fughting sometimes wuth my wife over lives in Candy Crush but… that’s not a heavy game.. it works on most androids.. no 3d engine needed and not much processing power.
So, concidering all that I won’t test the phones in any games… becouse I simply don’t need an expensive phone for that.
Untill not long ago I was in a one year stage using a phone wich only did it’s basic function.. that is .. giving and reciving phone calls. You can imagine I have some isues;)
Back to Samsung phones.
About s4: what can I say.. I love it. Slick, thin, powerfull, and useful. But again.. to expensive.. to powerful fir my needs.
About s3:
The price camed down a bit since the arival of s4. I love this design to, but it’s kind of girly. Can’t explain why.. that’s how it felt in my hands. About specs.. incredible little pice of hardware. Fast, reliable, nice screen, nice size. I hate the glosy back cape. But.. omg what a machine. I love it. It exeedes my basic needs 10 times. Concidering his price, my needs… I still want to have a look at this s2+.
About s2+:
Smaller screen, smaller resolution althow a less powerful processor it still have enough power to play my favourite apps, my candy crush and favourite browser. It’s a good phone and has a good value/quality raport.
Other gadgets that I had in my hands where samsung galsxy tab2 .. what can I say… I love it!!!
I’ll make a full review someday about it.
A surprisingly nice and usefull gadget: Alview city+. A small 7 inch tablet. Incredibly powerfull, incredibly cute & slim all that for a bargain price(retail). If you never had a tablet I recommend this little gadget. For less than 100 euro, you get this little machine. Fast, thin, 3d engine, quadcore arm processor, 1gb ram, good camera. I could have missed ir if my wife didn’t come around and asked me what’s that.. why can I have a cheaper tablet that that samsung tab2 or the ipad4. I smiled like aa superior moron.. and while trying to explain her why that tablet is inferior and small I was thinkig she had a point. If I only use that gadget on travel,reading emails, writing sime blog posts.. and playing CC .. that little thing is actualy incredible.
After my 2 hours play on gadgetland I realised i’m not very productive and not the biggest gamer.. and not even a great reviewer. I realused that my dream gadget is only a marketing need. I am a simple user with simple needs. I only want the latest gadget only becouse is the latest, the bigest, the fastest… but not becouse I really need it.
On this black friday i’ll try to stay away from the market. I’ll try to buy only what I really need and onlg at a bargain price… after all my old phone and my older tablet are still eorking and still doing their task flawlesly… why change them? Or … why not??


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